Parental & Family Engagement Log

$150 per campus
The new Parent & Family Engagement (PAFE) program from SET2PLAN is the expert way to keep track of Parent & Family Engagement data at all of your campuses.
Planning Committee Members
Each campus can list the members of the Parent & Family Engagement Planning Committee, including each person's:
  • Name
  • Title
  • Role on the committee
Planning Committee Meetings
Keep track of the planning meeting meetings held at each campus, including information for:
  • Date
  • Start Time/End Time
  • Location of the Meeting
  • Subjects covered (Policy, Compact, Events, Funding)
PAFE Events
Title I campuses are required to hold certain PAFE events during the year, and usually hold many more. This program is the easiest way for each campus to track their events, and to ensure data for audits is readily available. With this program, district-personnel easy access to their information through the web, including:
  • Title & Purpose of the meeting
  • Date/Time, Location
  • Impact of the meeting (audience type, 4Cs)
  • Targeted grade-level, subject
  • Support provided to parents (childcare, transportation?)
  • Number of attendees & costs
  • Indicate items collected (Agenda, Minutes, etc.)
Easy Access
New Feature: All users can view the data at other campuses!

Web-Based Program

  • Completely web-based; no additional work for your IT department
  • Accessible from anywhere there is internet access
  • Secured & encrypted data

User Permission

Users can be assignmed the following permission levels in each of the SET2PLAN programs:

  • Campus Viewer, Editor or Approver
  • District Viewer or Approver
  • Program Manager

Program Manager

Users can be assigned as managers of the individual programs to:

  • Add users and change user permission-levels
  • Identify orgs that will complete any of the compliance programs
  • Alter the list of Needs, and list of funding sources