Improvement Plan

An all-in-one, easy-to-use Campus and District Improvement Plan program.  The program is set-up in a easy-to-follow sequence to ensure all areas have been addressed.  One of the best aspects of the program is its powerful flexibility!

Comprehensive Needs Assessment

  1. Easily identify Strengths, Needs, and Data Sources in eight standard categories
  2. additional categories can be added by the District

Campus Profile

  1. List campus administrators
  2. Identify members of the Site-Based Decision Making Committee, including their role and title.  The program will calculate the percentages of staff, faculty, parents, etc.
  3. List dates and times of campus planning meetings that were held in preparing the plan
  4. Create a Mission statement
  5. Create a Vision statement
  6. Describe the campus population
  7. Identify special programs at the campus

Goals and Objectives

  1. Create Goals and Performance Objectives.
  2. Set-up for campuses to use district goals, or campus goals, or a combination of both


Create actions, and list all relevant details, including:

  1. Person(s) responsible
  2. Frequency, Start Date & End Date
  3. Funding for the action
  4. Evidence of Implementation
  5. Evidence of Impact
  6. Identify actions that will satisfy State requirements for (a) Violence Prevention, (b) Coordinated Health, and (c) Parent & Family Engagement
  7. Timeline for the action

Title Campuses

Ensure Title I required actions have been addressed:

  1. Link Actions to needs in the CNA
  2. View acctions that have been linked to the Title I elements
  3. Identify Fund Consolidation type

Status Check

The program will run a status check to ensure basic elements have been addressed, ensuring:

  1. the make-up of the committee satisfies percentages required through the education code
  2. Title I elements have been included
  3. State required actions have been address
  4. Data is not missing from the actions

Random Validation

Ensure your Improvement Plan addresses TEA Random Validation.  The Validation Navigation Report will show:

  1. Make-up of the Committee
  2. List all meetings dates for the Needs Assessment and the Improvement Plan
  3. Actions that satisfy the Title I Elements
  4. Actions that satisfy other requirements (provide opportunities for all students, well-rounded education, etc.)

Linking to our Parent & Family Engagement Event log will also supply:

  1. Parent & Family Engagment committee
  2. Meeting dates for PFE Policy, School-Parent Compact, and planning of PFE events
  3. Dates and times for Parent & Family Engagement events


Create reports directly to PDF, such as:

  1. the Improvement Plan
  2. the Comprehensive Needs Assessment
  3. Funding listed in the Improvement Plan
  4. all Actions sorted by Start Date
  5. Track user changes
  6. Special Allotment Monitoring Program reports, and more!



Web-Based Program

  • Completely web-based; no additional work for your IT department
  • Accessible from anywhere there is internet access
  • Secured & encrypted data

User Permission

Users can be assignmed the following permission levels in each of the SET2PLAN programs:

  • Campus Viewer, Editor or Approver
  • District Viewer or Approver
  • Program Manager

Program Manager

Users can be assigned as managers of the individual programs to:

  • Add users and change user permission-levels
  • Identify orgs that will complete any of the compliance programs
  • Alter the list of Needs, and list of funding sources